Père Joseph比利時約瑟夫神父半硬質乳酪

Père Joseph是一款特拉普派風格的比利時乳酪,以其獨特的香氣和風味令人驚嘆。由巴氏消毒牛奶製成,質地光滑細緻,柔軟帶有醇厚的香氣,水果甜香還有烤核桃的味道,輕盈的鹹味和淡淡的乳酸味。為了獲得這些美妙的味道和香氣,Père Joseph以自然方式熟成,在洞穴中放置1個多月之後,再塗上棕色石蠟外皮以減緩熟成老化。Père Joseph生產規模小,出口有限,是北歐非常受歡迎的甜點乳酪。可以在餐前當成開味菜,易於融化的特色,可塗抹食物為各種菜餚增添風味和深度。餐後食用,搭配黑皮諾或精釀啤酒風味更佳。

誰是約瑟夫神父Père Joseph(Father Joseph)?他是法國著名的神秘主義者、嘉布遣會修士,也是16世紀末-17世紀初紅衣主教黎塞留的知己。


原產地: 比利時

熟成時間 : 3個月以上

乳酪類型 : 半硬質乳酪

成份: 牛奶,凝乳酵素,鹽,乳酸菌

營養標示 每份 每100公克

熱量 165.5大卡 331大卡

蛋白質 11公克 22公克

脂肪 13.5公克 27公克

飽和脂肪 9.5公克 19公克

反式脂肪 0公克 0公克

碳水化合物 0公克 0公克

0公克 0公克

400毫克 800毫克

NT$ 500

口感層次:大圓扁形,外皮為漂亮的黃色,內芯為淺黃色,質地平滑,口感Q軟富有彈性,味道溫和有奶油甜香,帶著果香氣與堅果氣息,非常適合親友歡聚場合的乳酪板(cheese board),搭配清爽果香氣的葡萄酒更添美味。



Père Joseph-The Belle of Belgium!

One whiff of this Belgian beauty will send your heart racing. Père Joseph is a Trappist-style fromage. complete with a tender, mellow paste aroma. Belgium has a thriving and aggressive cheese industry; however, production is small in scale and export is limited. As one of a handful of Trappist-style Belgian cheeses sold in the U.S., Père Joseph represents its country well. Fundamentally Belgian in style, it bears influences from German, French, and Dutch culinary traditions; it smells like a Limburger, eats like a fine-tuned French cheese, and wears a mantle of wax like a Gouda.

Père Joseph never ceases to amaze with its dueling aromas and flavors. Born of pasteurized cow’s milk, this cheese reveals a supple, satiny body with a nutty, milky flavor to appease the palate after the aromatic onset. The finish keeps the senses guessing with its light sharpness and touch of salt. To achieve these fabulous flavors and aromas, Père Joseph is matured in a natural manner, sitting for over a month in a ripening cave before a brown paraffin rind is applied to slow the aging process.

While Père Joseph is a very popular dessert cheese in Northern Europe, it can be served before or after dinner, especially with Pinot Noir. It is delicious with winter ales for those looking for a savory switch from the sugary fare of the holidays. It also melts divinely to add flavor and depth to a variety of dishes.

Père Joseph比利時約瑟夫神父半硬質乳酪
Père Joseph比利時約瑟夫神父半硬質乳酪
Père Joseph比利時約瑟夫神父半硬質乳酪
Père Joseph比利時約瑟夫神父半硬質乳酪