Gruyère (AOP)Réserve-Lait Cru瑞士葛瑞爾半硬質乳酪

瑞士生產的Gruyère至少熟成10個月,才有資格稱為Gruyère AOP Réserve。生產一輪重約35公斤的乳酪需要400公升以上的鮮牛奶。Le Gruyère AOP的精妙之處和獨特的口味歸因於最優質的牛奶。禁止使用任何添加劑。在持續6個月的緩慢熟成階段,熟成師定期用鹽水刷洗。濕度促進了乳酪“塗抹”的出現,塗抹是乳酪外皮的重要成分,有助於乳酪的成熟過程。這使“ Le Gruyère AOP Switzerland”具有眾所周知的獨特風味。

自12世紀以來,瑞士Gruyère地區就以其乳酪生產而聞名。17世紀標誌著歷史的重要階段,規範Gruyère乳酪的地理生產區域從沃州、納沙泰爾州、朱拉州以及鄰國法國。由於沒有貿易保護,所以Gruyère乳酪經常被模仿。直到2001年,才被授予國家一級的原產地命名標記AOC。2011年獲得整個歐洲的原產地命名AOP保護。AOP標籤可確保僅使用傳統方法和專有技術製成的產品的真實性。受控原產地標籤或AOP可確保所有Le Gruyère AOP出售的產品均符合規格書中規定的嚴格品質要求。Le Gruyère AOP有以下​​品種:溫和的mild,輕熟成recent,中熟成medium-ripe或精選surchoix。





成份: 生牛奶,凝乳酵素,鹽,乳酸菌


每份 每100公克

熱量 199大卡 398大卡

蛋白質 13.5公克 27公克

脂肪 16公克 32公克

飽和脂肪 9.7公克 19.4公克

反式脂肪 0公克 0公克

碳水化合物 0公克 0公克

0公克 0公克

280毫克 560公克

NT$ 640

口感層次:大圓扁形,外皮為鵝黃色,內芯為淺黃色,質地緊實Q彈,口感柔軟滑順,濃厚的奶油香氣有果香氣。怡人的口感有蜂蜜和堅果的鹹香味道。乳酪板(cheese board)搭配梨子、葡萄乾、新鮮無花果、火腿、煙熏肉、堅果,風味更佳。




The region of Gruyere has been known for its cheese production since the 12th century. Medieval chronicles also mention the expertise of its inhabitants, who turned the milk production of their herds into full fat cheese. The 17th century marked an important stage in the history of Gruyere AOP as it coincided not only with the official recognition of its name, but also with a real boom in exports. During this time, the first measures for the protection of its origin through marking came into play. The word specifying its origin entered the dictionary of the Académie Française (1762). It extended the geographic production zone of Gruyere cheese to the cantons of Vaud, Neuchâtel and Jura, as well as to neighboring France. However, with no trade protection and with its quality as only means of defense, gruyere was often imitated. As early as the mid-19th century began a campaign towards structuring the trade as well as a fight for a recognized designation of origin. However, it was only in 2001 that gruyere cheese was granted Controlled Designation of Origin (AOC) at the national level. In 2011, it received the Protected Designation of Origin (AOP) for all of Europe.

Having matured for at least 10 months, this gruyere AOP has a more assertive and intensely aromatic character. It is called gruyere AOP Réserve. It is important to remember that the real gruyere Swiss has no holes. No less than 400 liters of fresh milk are required to produce one round of cheese weighing approximately 35 kg. Le gruyere AOP owes its subtlety and characteristic taste to the best quality unpasteurized milk coming straight from cows fed on grass during the summer and hay during the winter. The use of any additives is prohibited. During the slow maturing stage which lasts six months, the rounds of cheese are regularly turned over and brushed with salted water. The humidity encourages the appearance of cheese “smear”, which is an essential agent of the rind to help in the maturation process of the cheese. This gives “Le gruyere AOP Switzerland” it’s well known distinctive flavor. The AOP label guaranties the authenticity of products that are made using only traditional methods and know-how. The controlled term of origin label, or AOP, guarantees that all Le Gruyère AOP sold complies with the strict quality requirements set out in the specifications. Le Gruyère AOP comes in the following varieties: mild, recent, medium-ripe or surchoix (selection). This is a truly great cheese and a gourmet’s delight at the end of a meal with raisins or fresh figs. Another excellent accompaniment is nuts and slices of pears.

Gruyère (AOP)Réserve-Lait Cru瑞士葛瑞爾半硬質乳酪
Gruyère (AOP)Réserve-Lait Cru瑞士葛瑞爾半硬質乳酪
Gruyère (AOP)Réserve-Lait Cru瑞士葛瑞爾半硬質乳酪
Gruyère (AOP)Réserve-Lait Cru瑞士葛瑞爾半硬質乳酪
Gruyère (AOP)Réserve-Lait Cru瑞士葛瑞爾半硬質乳酪
Gruyère (AOP)Réserve-Lait Cru瑞士葛瑞爾半硬質乳酪
Gruyère (AOP)Réserve-Lait Cru瑞士葛瑞爾半硬質乳酪
Gruyère (AOP)Réserve-Lait Cru瑞士葛瑞爾半硬質乳酪
Gruyère (AOP)Réserve-Lait Cru瑞士葛瑞爾半硬質乳酪