Herve à la bière比利時啤酒洗浸乳酪

誕生於13世紀,1996年擁有AOP受保護的原產地標記,以生乳或巴氏消毒製作的軟質乳酪,按照比利時Herve地區的傳統工法。在啤酒中熟成的經典Herve乳酪,在酒窖中成熟的過程中,熟成師固定以手工逐一用啤酒在外皮擦拭,其味道慢慢地轉移到了乳酪的內芯。發展出獨特的風味。內部結構均勻鬆軟,熟成期4至5週為“溫和”,7至8週為“辣” 。乳酪的脂肪含量最低為45%。形狀是四方形或立方體,重量在50g~400g之間。16世紀中葉,Herve乳酪才開始出口,商人在遠離德國和洛林的展覽會上交易牛和馬。代代相傳直到今天。目前,三個生產商仍在生產Herve乳酪,每年產量超過500噸。傳統上,Herve乳酪搭配列日(Liège)糖漿的麵包,伴隨一杯咖啡。乳酪板一杯蘋果酒,修道院啤酒或精釀啤酒完美搭配。適合烹調料理,除了降低強烈的味道,加熱後柔軟流動的內芯更加美味!









每份50公克 每100公克

熱量 155大卡 310大卡

蛋白質 9.5公克 19公克

脂肪 13公克 26公克

飽和脂肪 8.6公克 17.2公克

反式脂肪 0公克 0公克

碳水化合物 0公克 0公克

0公克 0公克

500毫克 1000毫克

NT$ 520

Herve à la bière cheese is a Belgian cheese.It has been produced since the 13th century, the date when the first writings on this product date back. Herve cheese has had the protected designation of origin since 1996. It is the only cheese to be protected by this European label in Belgium. This designation guarantees the fact that it must be produced in the Herve country with milk from this demarcated area, while respecting precise manufacturing methods and recognized know-how.

The internal structure of the cheese is homogeneous, firm, unctuous and has a fat content in the dry matter of 45% minimum. During production, the cheese is salted, either by soaking in brine, or by rubbing them one by one with coarse salt, the spiciness being more salted continuously. Each cheese is then turned over several times: 4 to 5 weeks for the “mild”, 7 to 8 weeks for the “spicy”.This tradition has been passed on from generation to generation to the present day. Currently, three producers still manufacture Herve cheese, producing more than 500 tonnes per year.

The Exquisite Herve matured in beer is a classic Herve Cheese with special care. During its ripening in the cellar, its rind is washed several times with beer, the flavors of which migrate slowly to the heart of the cheese. This allows the Exquisite Herve refined in beer to develop unique flavors.

Herve cheese can be stored in the refrigerator in a container or in an airtight container. Once wrapped, Herve cheese continues to evolve. It is refined from the outside to the heart. A further maturing period at home will make it all the more ripe and tasty. It is traditionally eaten with Liège syrup, but also in many culinary preparations. It goes perfectly with a glass of cider, an abbey beer or a craft beer.Today, Herve Cheese is increasingly integrated into Cheese Platters or in simple and surprising recipes because once cooked, its powerful taste softens to make us melt with pleasure!

Herve à la bière比利時啤酒洗浸乳酪
Herve à la bière比利時啤酒洗浸乳酪
Herve à la bière比利時啤酒洗浸乳酪
Herve à la bière比利時啤酒洗浸乳酪
Herve à la bière比利時啤酒洗浸乳酪
Herve à la bière比利時啤酒洗浸乳酪
Herve à la bière比利時啤酒洗浸乳酪
Herve à la bière比利時啤酒洗浸乳酪