Bleu d'Auvergne (AOP)法國奧萬尼藍紋乳酪

1845年由法國中南部的乳酪師Antoine Roussel創造。最初Roussel計劃將洛克福羊奶乳酪(Roquefort)改變成牛奶版,進行實驗以確定如何誘導青黴菌的生長與分布。在幾次失敗之後,Roussel發現應用黑麥麵包促進發酵,並且用針刺穿凝乳,提供通氣孔增加空氣。讓黴菌更容易進入凝乳並促進其生長。隨後,此項發現和技術遍布整個奧萬尼大區(Auvergne)。1975年法國政府授予Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée,2009年受AOP原產地保護。

今天,運用現代化的​​機械針刺工藝設備,然後在濕冷的酒窖中熟成4週以上才能上市販售,Bleu d'Auvergne牛隻以夏秋豐美的青草為食物,因此具有強烈刺激的迷人味道,但其程度仍然遠遠低於其他藍紋乳酪。潮濕的質地具有溫和怡人的淡淡鹹香,濃厚的奶油味道,在法國菜單上,被視為開胃菜(apéro)的一部分,搭配餐前飲料和小吃,經常用於牛排、魚類、海鮮、義大利麵、薯條的沾醬,或是製作泡芙或水果甜點…等等一流的美食,在法國料理佔有相當重要的地位。





成份: 牛乳,凝乳酵素,鹽,乳酸菌


每一份量50公克 本包裝含50份

每份 每100公克

熱量 167大卡 334大卡

蛋白質 10公克 20公克

脂肪 14公克 28公克

飽和脂肪 9.5公克 19公克

反式脂肪 0公克 0公克

碳水化合物 0公克 0公克

糖 0公克 0公克

鈉 550毫克 1100毫克

NT$ 440


賞味方式:搭配麵包沙拉水果就很美味Bleu d''''''''Auvergne在法國菜單上,被視為開胃菜(apéro)的一部分,搭配餐前飲料和小吃,經常用於牛排或魚類海鮮沾醬或義大利麵調味,或是製作泡芙或水果甜點等等一流的美食,在法國料理佔有相當重要的地位。適合搭配葡萄酒,如甜點風格的雷斯玲Riesling和蘇維翁Sauvignon Blanc,或厚實強烈的紅葡萄酒,以及豐富的深色啤酒(如英國大麥酒)


Bleu d''''''''Auvergne AOP - A  creamy, crumbly, and tasty, 50% fat, blue, cow’s milk cheese.Named for its place of origin in the Auvergne region of south-central France. It is made from cow''''''''s milk, and is one of the cheeses granted the Appellation d''''''''origine contrôlée from the French government in 1975 and AOP in 2009. 

Bleu d''''''''Auvergne is a strongly flavored blue cheese that was created by a farmer called Antoine Roussel at 1845. Originally Roussel planned for the cheese to be a cow’s milk version of the Roquefort sheep’s milk cheese and Roquefort is a very potent blue cheese.  While Bleu d''''''''Auvergne is a strong cheese, it is not up there with Roquefort among the powerhouse blue cheeses. 

Roussel noted that the occurrence of blue molds on his curd resulted in an agreeable taste, and conducted experiments to determine how veins of such mold could be induced. After several failed tests, Roussel discovered that the application of rye bread mold created the veining, and that pricking the curd with a needle provided increased aeration. It allowed the mold to enter the curd and encouraged its growth. Subsequently, his discovery and techniques spread throughout the region. 

Today, bleu d''''''''Auvergne is prepared via mechanical needling processes. It is then aged for approximately 4 weeks in cool, wet cellars before distribution, a relatively short period for blue cheeses.Bleu d''''''''Auvergne has a strong and pungent taste, but to a lesser extent than other blue cheeses; it is less salted, with a creamier and more buttery taste and a moister texture. 

On the menu Bleu d''''''''Auvergne will be part of a French apéro, a pre-dinner drink and snack, or in a sauce with steak or fish, on a cheese plater or the cheese trolley, or part of a dessert with fruit. There is excellent dining in the region, with many Auvergnat dishes on French Menus, where the Bleu d''''''''Auvergne has an important part to play. 

Bleu d''''''''Auvergne is often used in salad dressings and pasta seasonings, and also it is a good cheese for snacking. Sweet wines such as dessert - style riesling and sauvignon blanc or strong, robust red wines are commonly recommended to accompany it as well as rich, dark beer such as English barley wine or American porter, which have both the sweetness and bold flavor required to balance the cheese.

Bleu d'Auvergne (AOP)法國奧萬尼藍紋乳酪
Bleu d'Auvergne (AOP)法國奧萬尼藍紋乳酪
Bleu d'Auvergne (AOP)法國奧萬尼藍紋乳酪
Bleu d'Auvergne (AOP)法國奧萬尼藍紋乳酪
Bleu d'Auvergne (AOP)法國奧萬尼藍紋乳酪
Bleu d'Auvergne (AOP)法國奧萬尼藍紋乳酪
Bleu d'Auvergne (AOP)法國奧萬尼藍紋乳酪
Bleu d'Auvergne (AOP)法國奧萬尼藍紋乳酪
Bleu d'Auvergne (AOP)法國奧萬尼藍紋乳酪